FAQS | Vertannes Georgiou Lawyers


What is the difference between your law firm and other personal injury law firms in Perth?
Your compensation claim is handled personally from start to finish by a senior specialist lawyer. Inexperienced  paralegals and law clerks do not have any involvement in your compensation claim.

What is your success rate with compensation claims?
We are in the top 10 law firms in WA with the highest success rates for personal injury compensation claims.

Can I see a specialist lawyer for an obligation free first consultation to investigate whether I have a claim?

I have heard lawyers are very expensive.  Do you take cases on a success fee basis?
Yes. Subject to terms and conditions,we do not charge upfront legal fees and we will wait for payment of our fees until your compensation claim is successfully resolved by negotiation or award. The insurer will pay most of your legal fees if your claim is successful.

What happens if I am unsuccessful with my compensation claim?
We will not charge you for our legal fees however you will be liable to pay disbursements and liable to pay the insurer’s legal fees and disbursements.

Will I need to pay anything to pursue my compensation claim?
Yes.  In most cases you will be required to pay for items like independent medical reports, expert reports,process server fees  and Court filing fees.  If your case does proceed to a hearing, you will be required to pay for hearing fees, expert witness fees, transcript fees and Counsel fees.  These fees and disbursements will be recoverable from the insurer if you are successful with your claim.

How much does an independent specialist medical report cost?
In general terms between $3,000.00 to $4,000.00.

Does the insurer pay all of my legal fees and disbursements if I am successful with my claim.
No. The insurer normally pays between 60% to 70% of your legal fees and disbursements and the shortfall is deducted from your settlement sum or award.

How do you charge your professional fees?
Our hourly fees are strictly regulated by law.

Do you charge a percentage of the settlement sum or award that I receive?
We are not permitted to charge a percentage as this is unlawful in WA.

How much is my compensation claim worth?
We can provide you with accurate advice on the value of your claim after we have examined all relevant documentation including medical reports, expert reports, witness statements and tax returns.

What can I receive compensation for?
In most cases compensation is recoverable for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, past and future medical, rehabilitation and pharmaceutical expenses, past and future loss of earnings and superannuation, travelling expenses and past and future gratuitous services.

How long does a compensation claim take to settle?
Each compensation claim is different.  In the most serious of cases, compensation claims are usually not ready for settlement until 2 years have elapsed from the date of the injury or loss.

Do I receive progress reports on my compensation claim?
Yes. Generally progress reports are provided to you each month.

How quickly do you return my telephone calls, e-mails or letters?
Generally we endeavour to return telephone calls, e-mails and letters within 24 hours.

Do you make hospital or home visits?
Yes but only for clients who suffer catastrophic injuries

Do you takes cases to Court?
Yes we are experienced trial lawyers but the overwhelming majority of personal injury claims are settled amicably without a court hearing.