If you suffer a physical or mental disability which renders you totally unfit for work then you may be entitled to a total and permanent disability benefit (TPD) from your superannuation fund.

The TPD benefit is usually paid as a lump sum.  You do not need to be of retirement age to be eligible for a TPD benefit.

In most cases, you will need to prove that you are totally unfit for your usual occupation and any other occupation for which you are reasonably suited in order to qualify for a TPD benefit.

If you believe that you are entitled to a TPD benefit, you should contact your superannuation fund and request claim forms.

We are TPD benefit specialists and can assist you with assessing the merits of your TPD claim and assist you submitting your TPD claim.

If your TPD claim is rejected, we can advise you whether to take legal action against your superannuation fund.

Our experienced lawyers will provide you with accurate legal advice about your rights and entitlements to a TPD benefit at a free first consultation with no obligation to commit.

Vertannes Georgiou is a Perth based compensation law firm offering exceptional advice and practical solutions to TPD claimants.

Our TPD lawyers are experts in negotiating, settling and pursuing TPD benefit claims.

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