“I was first referred to Errol Vertannes at Vertannes Georgiou by a relative connected to one of
Perths leading Barristers. I had however already engaged the services of a lawyer whilst in hospital recovering from life threatening injuries due to road trauma. The first lawyer was also a contact from somebody in my immediate family therefore I felt some form of loyalty to stay with them. Over a period of 16 months or so I could not get any straight answers from the first lawyer while all the
time he encouraged me to keep phoning or emailing with any queries I may have. All I wanted was a clear explanation of the legal pathway into the future and what sort of compensation I could expect. I was met with legalese jargon at every query, the whole time being mindful of the till being rung at every turn, thus over time losing confidence with this Lawyer.

I’d had Errol Vertannes contact details for about 12 months at this point and decided to contact him for a second opinion. Errol met with me the following day and within our one hour obligation free meeting he explained, without me prompting or asking questions, everything I had been trying to find out for the previous 16 months. All of a sudden it was as though a veil of secrecy had been lifted and I could see the light of day. I hired Errol without hesitation and he represented me to my ensuing settlement. Throughout the whole process, Errol mentored me and was very clear in his explanations and I felt extremely confident that I was in the hands of a very professional, experienced, competent and capable Lawyer and Firm.

When I received the account from my first Lawyer, it seemed excessive and Vertannes Georgiou went into bat for me and negotiated the bill down to almost 50% of the original account. The fees charged by Vertannes Georgiou were extremely fair, in fact after my settlement was agreed on Errol went back and negotiated his own fee to be paid by the insurer and not out of my settlement.

Since my settlement I have recommended Vertannes Georgiou to others including my Mother who had an injured shoulder after a traffic accident. Errol obtained a settlement for her far in excess of expectations. I would not hesitate in recommending Vertannes Georgiou to anybody seeking legal representation.”