“I have used the professsional services of Mr Geo Georgiou twice now for car accident claims issues….We have developed a strong association since first claim circa 1991/2 and when I was struck whilst riding an air conditioned push bike by a car in 2015…. had no reason to seek a new attorney or search the Yellow Pages or read Googla reviews etc. I simply rang George aka Zulu George…( being a a dual Citz AFrican Cypriot) and at once Georgie pressed the start button and yesterday is a mystery with my accident claim resolved in less than two years. George goes straight to the heart of the matter and works assiduously towards the matter at hand and does not dilly dally or stray polarising views commentary only to valid real claims re any claim made for personal injury claims. Zulu George can best be described as a no nonsense efficient pragmatic attorney who only deals with facts with honesty and in matters relevant to the claim at hand and just gets results….Couldnt be happier.. .recommend Georgie and his partner Errol most vociferously and without hesitation.”