Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

Have you been the victim of a crime that has been classified as an offence? Have you been injured from that offence? You could be eligible to lodge a criminal injuries compensation claim.

We know that being the victim of a crime can be a very life-changing experience. Which is why the Western Australia Government Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme enables victims of a crime to apply for compensation for injury or loss if you have been accused of an offence.

The payout made to the victim seeking a compensation claim will then be determined by the extent of injuries, and losses that have been suffered as a result.

All applications for a criminal injuries claim are kept confidential, and any hearings are conducted in complete privacy. So you can have peace of mind in knowing that we will treat your criminal injuries compensation with professionalism. However, notes made from the hearings are available to the news media.

Our lawyers will do their best to provide you with legal advice about your rights and entitlements to criminal compensation with no further obligation to commit.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim

Victims of Crime Compensation

Before a victims of crime compensation claim can be made, it is important to identify whether the victim has suffered bodily harm, mental trauma, pregnancy or a close relative was killed as a result of a criminal offence.

It is also important to identify whether the crime has been reported, or the victim is willing to report the incident to the police so that we can establish whether a crime has actually been committed (before lodging a claim).

As with any type of compensation claim; there are strict timeframes in which criminal injuries claims must be made. Victims seeking compensation claims payouts have roughly three years from the date of the offence, or the last offence in which to lodge an application.

If your claim is more than three years old, you may still apply for compensation, however you must get an extension through the criminal injuries compensation scheme. You will then need to provide written reasons for the delay with your initial application before proceeding with lodgement.

We have over 55 years' worth of experience dealing with criminal compensation claims, payouts to victims of crime.

Victims Compensation Claims

Vertannes Georgiou is a Perth based criminal injury compensation law firm offering a tailored solution for any situation involving victims of crime.

Our criminal injury solicitors are experts with experience negotiating, settling and litigating victim’s compensation claims.

Vertannes Georgiou lawyers can assess your case with confidentiality, explain the claim assessment process and describe all of the options that are available to you when pursuing a victim's compensation claim.

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